Plastic artist

Paintings, sculptures, installations

Anne Delfieu shows strange assemblages whose meaning escapes analysis, but whose algebra is reassuring. These are calm and silent works that the eye explores with pleasure, without paying attention to the slight vibrations which gradually creep into the wanderings of the gaze. The bark, the networks, the reliefs in fact form real light traps where attention is lost. The roughness of their surfaces, the regularity of their meanders come to breathe memories from elsewhere, old impressions of travel, some repetitive music.

For several years, Anne Delfieu has been working on monumental ephemeral works in situ, in forests, gardens, against trees. In her tussle with nature, she seeks the opportunity to draw places of transparency in the landscape that the mind will inhabit. In turn, the work that she presents in the gallery consists of trying to bring these elements from the outside into the intimate. A slow transfiguration between the natural and the artificial, already dear to the humanists of the Renaissance.

His latest epoxy creations are part of the same approach, evoking the element of "water" whose dark backgrounds question the why of nothingness.

John misik



Anne Delfieu exhibits at the Château de Ratilly

from May 19 to October 31, 2021

172 Ratilly

89520 Treigny-Perreuse-Sainte-Colombe



Anne Delfieu exhibits at Papiers d'Art

from June 24 to July 31, 2021

30, rue Pastourelle 75003 Paris

Anne Delfieu.jpeg

After her training at the ENAD in Aubusson, Anne Delfieu discovered wood and cardboard which remain her favorite materials. From his hands are born forms related to the elements of nature, miraculous "geometries" reminiscent of branches, bark of trees or mineral aspects ("Asphalts", "Pebbles") or even the dance of weft and textile warp. and the glow of the brick tiles.

Her art, between graphics / painting / sculpture, is similar to the work of Andy Goldsworthy and Bob Verschueren when Anne Delfieu intervenes on a natural site: La Bambouseraie (Gard), The Luxembourg garden (Paris)… Everything is conceived, s' builds up and "disappears" in place. Many authors have written about her work: Lydia Harambourg, Guy Gilsoul, Claude Lorent, Jean-Yves Mesguich, John Misik, Roger Pierre Turine… She has also illustrated the poetry books of Gérard Noiret and Pascal Commère… (Ed. MM)